INTRODUCING: Laura Hely Hutchinson

Being called ‘the new Laura Marling’ by fans and even NME reviewers, and with influences from The Smiths and Bon Iver, sixteen year old Laura Hely Hutchinson is turning her classical background into a music career best suited to her.

Born and raised in Essex, Laura records all her music in the comfort of her own bedroom, and although I probably wouldn’t usually look twice at someone who relies on programmes like GarageBand, within seconds of listening to the beautiful Someday (below), I was hooked.

Download all of Laura Hely Hutchinson’s original material here.

With such soothing and pure vocals, Laura has also taken a dab at YouTube covers, including personal favourite of Frank Ocean’s Thinkin Bout You.

Laura is classically trained and plays in orchestras and ensembles pretty much every day of the week, yet outside of this has taught herself how to play all of the instruments she plays on all her own material.

It’s still without a doubt just the beginning for Laura’s music career, but she has plans to move to a bigger city and play as many open mic nights as possible, with aims to eventually create a similar ensamble to indie-folk band, Daughter.

Laura’s favourite song since she was eleven years old is Everlong by Foo Fighters. She explains, “it’s just so feel good, and the line ‘Breathe out so I can breathe you in’ always gets me.”

Follow Laura Hely Hutchinson on Twitter / YouTube / Soundcloud.

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