Kate Nash – Girl Talk

Now, i’m going to be completely honest here, i’ve put off listening to Girl Talk for a while as i’ve been unsure how i’m going to feel about it. Being a huge fan of Kate Nash 1.0, I wasn’t sure how ready I was for 2.0 after the release of Under-Estimate The Girl last June.

The Pumpkin Soup singer had ditched her girlie Lily Allen-esque twang, and approached music in a much more aggressive punk-like manner. This is, of course, not a bad thing, but when you’re a person who’s not keen on change, and also waited hours to meet Miss Nash during her Made Of Bricks era (I would upload a photo but back then I hadn’t yet discovered eyebrow pencil, so maybe not), it was a bit of a shock to the system.

Okay, so it maybe wasn’t the biggest change, seeing slight traces of the punk influence through old tracks like Mansion Song and I Just Love You More. But if you were searching for the happy-clappy Nash with heaps of piano and something about lemons and being bitter, you certainly wont find it on Girl Talk.

The album is a huge shout (literally) about women and feminism, because in her own words – “You’re tryin’ to tell me sexism doesn’t exist, well if it doesn’t exist then what the fuck is this?” (Rap For Rejection).

If you are a girl, i’d definitely say there’s parts of this album that will draw you in on issues you can relate. However, I can see a guy being bored after the first verse of track one, let alone the first song.

Is it a good album? Yes, if you’re into the idea of a more rocky/punk version of the 25 year old Londoner. Lyrics aside, you can feel the passion of just the music within every track. My only fault would be that despite being a 15 track album, each song is reasonably short, and the repetition of themes throughout songs can get a little tedious.

But, it’s been a tough couple of years musically for Nash, being dropped from her label because she wouldn’t remove the “punky elements” from her material. When you look at it that way, Girl Talk is a celebration for standing up for what she believes in, and eventually releasing the material on her own label, Have 10p Records.

“It’s safe to say the earth would be a much better a place with a few more Kate Nashes in it.” – NME

Despite it’s peak position being a dismal 85 in the UK album charts, Kate Nash is determined to continue doing music her own way. She recently spoke to BBC Breakfast about what she’s been up to lately, and what this new step means to her.

“As an artist you have the power to change the world and change history, that’s the point of art – freedom and being able to say what you think and care about.” 

Kate Nash’s new single, 3AM, which is definitely the most “mainstream” on the album, is out now.

4 thoughts on “Kate Nash – Girl Talk

  1. Reblogged this on The Culture Monk and commented:
    I’m still on a high from the Kate Nash concert and ran across this great review of her new album.
    I still haven’t had much of a chance to give the album a serious listen so here’s a post if you might like if you’re interested in her music.


  2. Good review.
    I just saw her concert a few days ago and it seems like the people criticizing her are missing the boat. What do they want; every album of Nash to sound the same? I thought her new songs were a good transition/progression from her earlier work and isn’t a trait of a good artist being able to move on to different sounds?

    One of the things I love about the Beatles is that they didn’t just stay in one genre. Seems like modern critics (and sadly fans as well) want an artist to stick with one sound throughout their entire life :(

    Enjoyed reading your blog :)


    1. Jealous you got to see her! I’ve seen her a few times in the past, but i’m curious to see her perform this new material live. I had a read of your review and it sounds like she’s still just as good!

      I completely agree though. Every artist has the right to progress, so I think being slagging her off for it is a bit unnecessary. If you don’t like it, fine, but as you said, it’s certainly a good trait to move on and try new things!

      I think it’s easily recognisable how much work Kate puts into her music, and she feels more comfortable than ever.

      Good luck to her, I say.

      Thanks a lot! Have now followed you also.

      J x


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