Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

He leaves us waiting almost six minutes before he makes an appearance in his own music video, but comeback-king Justin Timberlake doesn’t disappoint with the second single taken from new album, The 20/20 Experience.

Mirrors flew straight into the charts after an incredible Brits debut performance of the track, and he currently sits on his third week at number 1 in the UK. And now, he’s finally given us the official video for the song!

While watching the video for the first time, I was almost prepared to write a bit of a negative review, with the star himself not appearing in the video until the end of the radio edit version of the track has finished. 32 year old Justin makes his appearance during the prelude, 5 minutes and 43 seconds in. But after a few more watches of the video, and the realisation of the entire video being dedicated to his Grandparents and their love, I was completely besotted with the singer yet again.

The video tells the story of how Justin’s Grandfather, William, who died late last year, met his Grandmother, Sadie. The song fits perfectly to the theme, and the actors create such an emotional bond between the viewer and the short-film.

Unfortunately, music channels frequently cut full-length videos in half, especially those of this length (8:24 in full), so the most common version of the video will be without the singer himself. I’m hoping that this will maybe be a revelation in the full showing of these short-film’s on music channels. Michael Jackson kicked off this trend in the 80’s with Thriller, and artists like Kanye West and Lady Gaga have followed his footsteps. Gaga’s Marry The Night was a huge 13 minutes long, being the story of her un-glorious rise to fame.

Timberlake has recently revealed that wife and actress Jessica Biel was inspiration for writing the love song – no huge surprise there! He also revealed that he’s in the process of creating 10 additional songs for a second volume of The 20/20 Experience, aimed to be released in Autumn this year.

The highly anticipated third studio album, The 20/20 Experience, is out now.

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