Album of the month: April 2013


Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal
(Release: April 2013)

Sheffield “metalcore” band Bring Me The Horizon have released their fourth album, and I cannot begin to explain my surprise at how much I quite simply bloody love it.

I feel like I’m years too late in becoming a BMTH fan, but the 5 piece have really upped their game and Sempiternal is without a doubt the best release of 2013 yet.

With a title meaning everlasting, the band have ditched their cutthroat growls from front man Oli Sykes, and have introduced more sense of tone, and an almost soulful approach to the microphone. I’m hoping past fans will see this as a growing and strengthening change, and development into a much better produced band. However, it is a big change and I can see the metalcore (who even come up with these outrageous genres?!) fans being angry with the now more mainstream path. This being said, I think the amount of new appreciation completely blows any negativity out the boat. With flying straight into number 3 in the album chart, they’re obviously doing something right!

Sempiteral is a challenging and daring record, with sounds I’ve certainly never heard mixed together before. The maturity and structure in Oli’s vocals alone is something gripping and relateable, something I would’ve never said about Bring Me The Horizon 5 years ago.

My favourite tracks on the album would have to be opener Can You Feel My Heart, which has a sonic and almost electronic sound, yet still filled with pain and anger. I can only imagine how incredible this track would be live. Second would be second single from the album, Sleepwalking (above), and the lyrics in The House Of Wolves are almost somewhat haunting.

Bring Me The Horizon play main stage at this years Reading and Leeds festivals in August.

3 thoughts on “Album of the month: April 2013

  1. Thus last year, their North American tour was framed by two benefit concerts: one for the renovation of the organ of the parish church in Aurach, Austria, the other for Lebenshilfe Worms, a facility for
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    ‘Did you enjoy our performance of #Daylight on #The – Voice.


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