Paramore by Paramore

Female fronted American rock band Paramore have taken the world by storm with the release of their self titled fourth studio album.

Nearly four years since their last release, Brand New Eyes, this is the first album from the band as a three piece, after brothers Josh and Zac Farro left the band in 2010.

Paramore is a massive 17 track album, and any worry of it being crammed with space fillers soon disappeared after just one listen through. The record is perhaps more pop than rock, unlike previous releases, but don’t let that fool you for a bad change of direction. The songs are fun, gripping, and well structured.

Tracks like Be Alone still capture that old raspy-ness and emotion seen in many previous Paramore tracks, whereas Grow Up features a catchy No Doubt-esque twang. Personal stand out’s would be Aint It Fun, which finishes with an amazing gospel choir, and singer Hayley Williams even takes on simple Ukulele collaborations in interludes throughout the album.

This release is certainly by far their most daring and diverse yet, but hitting billboard top 10’s all over the world and already being certified silver in the UK, they’re obviously doing something right!

The latest single, Still Into You (above), features an extremely colourful bubblegum pop like video, and Hayley gets 5 stars for dressing in the most hideous clothes but still looking amazing.

Paramore recently played a one off gig at The Garage in London, followed by an appearance on Graham Norton, where they promised to be back in London for shows soon. Tour dates for shows across the world from April to November can be found here.

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