Selena Gomez reveals album track list and new single

During a live web-chat with fans a few days ago, Selena Gomez revealed the cover artwork for upcoming album, Stars Dance.


During the web-chat, 20 year old Selena revealed the names of all the tracks on the album, which is scheduled for release on July 23rd.

01. Birthday
02. Dance Champion
03. Come & Get It
04. Forget Forever
05. Save The Day
06. BEAT
07. Write Your Name
08. Undercover
09. Love Will Remember
10. Slow Down
11. Getaway

As well as the track-listing, Gomez took the time to briefly explain some of the songs. She spoke about Save The Day, saying “do you ever have moments where you don’t ever want them to end? I’ve had those moments. It’s about saving those moments and never wanting it to go away” whereas she says Forget Forever is like her anthem – “It’s forgetting all the troubles, about the past, just enjoying everything else. That’s my anthem for sure.”

Selena also said that opening track, Birthday Stars, has a Gwen Stefani kind of vibe to it and she is excited for everyone hear it.

If all this SelGom news wasn’t enough to handle, Bieber’s on/off lover then treated us all to the exclusive of second single, Slow Down (below).

I personally absolutely love this track and think it’s a lot stronger than opening single, Come And Get It. The dance number features The Cataracs, who have worked with the likes of DEV on top 10 single, Bass Down Low and Like A G6.

Stars Dance is available to pre-order on iTunes and in various bundle forms on the official website now, and Selena Gomez plays London’s Hammersmith Apollo in July (tickets here).

Full list of world tour dates can be found here.

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