Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop

Hannah Montana star turned, well, Miley Cyrus, has released the video for her first single since signing to RCA Records. The 20 year old singer from Tennessee introduced a more punk side to her style when she went for the pixie crop earlier this year, and then began a more questionable and daring dress sense with barely-there clothing, from fishnet dresses at awards ceremonies, to well, nothing for the cover of ELLE.

And now, in the video for We Can’t Stop, she proves to us on multiple occasions that the Disney days really are long behind her.

Considering the “mature” change in direction for Miley Cyrus’ image, I was surprised by We Can’t Stop, sounding similar to something she would’ve released a few years ago yet put in a blender with a pint of vodka – “la da dee da dee, dancing with Miley”, later followed by “trying to get a line in the bathroom”… Just, what?

My personal sworn hatred for Cyrus as a teen-star was something not uncommon, yet I began to create a liking for her the past year when she started stepping into her own. But it feels like the Cant Be Tamed singer literally cannot be tamed, and is trying too hard to prove as many points as possible in this one short 3 and a half minute video.

Apparently inspired by a particular party Miley attended, it features a lot of embarrassing-to-watch writhing about on a bed, a grill (as in teeth, not where you cook y’burgers), “twerking”, many sexual position innuendoes with the same sex, making out with a mannequin in a pool, a painful-to-watch amount of ‘ner nikki ner ner’-esque tongue poking, and a see-through swimsuit…

Is all this really needed in one video?! We get it, you’re 20 now.

Critiques aside, (although I haven’t yet mentioned the horrendous black beanie hat laced with a fishnet eye mask towards the end of the video yet…), Miley Cyrus certainly looking smoking hot in the video, and will without a doubt gain a new fan-base just from the way she looks. However, I somehow can’t quite see the mum’s of Hannah Montana watchers enjoying their children singing along to ‘my homegirls here with the big butts, shaking it like we at a strip club’…

We Can’t Stop is out now.

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