Top 10 singles: June 2013

Another month has flown by and more great releases have made their way into the charts. Just like the previous months, here’s my personal top 10 releases of June 2013. Remember to get involved via Twitter or the message board to get your picks in for July.

Lights On – Wiley ft. Angel & Tinchy Stryder

Everyone loves it when a bunch of rappers come together and put out a catchy song, and Lights On brings together 3 of the UK’s finest; Wiley, Angel and Tinchy Stryder. Although not the best song in the world, with a cute video about chasing a musical dream, I can see this song flying straight into the charts.

Alive – Empire Of The Sun

Chosen by the lovely Grace, Alive is a just like a really good dose of MGMT, when MGMT were at their peak. Taken from the album Ice On The Dune, this single literally does what is says on the tin – makes you feel alive.

Lighthouse – Lucy Spraggan

Fresh from last years X Factor, 21 year old singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan has gone to show that leaving the competition at 9th place due to illness was enough to help kick start her own music career. Compared to early Kate Nash and described as a mixture of folk, acoustic and hip-hop, Spraggan caught the nations attention in 2012 with her first X Factor audition, singing her own song, Last Night.

The Other Side – Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo makes his return with his first single from upcoming third studio album. The Other Side is exactly what you’d expect from a Derulo track, bloody catchy and the song you’ll probably hear on the radio every 20 minutes. Unfortunately no trademark “Jaaaason Deruuuullooo” to be found here, though?!

Still Breathing – Standing Tall

Recently mentioned in an Introducing feature here on Nelipott, Standing Tall are an upcoming 4 piece from Norwich and I cannot get enough of Still Breathing, the title track from their EP released on July 5th. And do you know whats even better?! You can get your hands on this track for free here.

Bounce – Iggy Azelea

Okay, okay! I’ll admit it – I slagged off Iggy Azelea before I gave the poor girl a chance, and now I can understand the hype. It really is terrible the perception we can get of someone purely because of what you’ve heard, rather than what you actually hear. Iggy is definitely an acquired taste, yet Bounce is a more pop track rather than straight up rap that we may have seen from her previously, and I can imagine this is huge in clubs across the world.

Carry You – Union J

Another X Factor 2012 runner up here, this time coming from 4 piece boyband Union J. Similar to bands like One Direction and The Wanted, Union J are stealing ladies hearts worldwide and Carry You is their first single since coming fourth in the competition last year.

Everything Has Changed – Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran

Before Taylor Swift released Red I was never overly fussed. She was always just ‘that country girl that’s a bit poppy’ that sung that really cute and twee Love Story song. Red changed my perception of the now 23 year old singer, with a change in direction musically, Taylor Swift became more “mainstream”. This included a beautiful collaboration with English acoustic sweetheart Ed Sheeran, which then made it to be Taylor’s fourth single off the album.

Treasure – Bruno Mars

Yes, I know, Treasure was featured in my May edition, but considering we now have an official video (which is so old school Top of the Pops it warms my heart!) and it’s actual release date is June 16th, it’s allowed in June’s edition too, alright?! Without a doubt my favourite Bruno Mars release to date, and I cannot get enough of his red suit and 80’s moves – cutest!

I Will Survive – Leah McFall

I already did my Leah preaching in a recent post about The Voice, so i’ll leave that there, but there is no way her rendition of I Will Survive couldn’t be my number one this month. Straight after seeing the performance on TV, I ran to iTunes to download myself a copy. Absolutely incredible – just hit play. Despite losing out in the competition to Andrea Begley, I can guarantee this most definitely isn’t the last we’ll see of Leah McFall.

What have you had on repeat this month?

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