Robbie Williams: Take The Crown Tour @ Wembley Stadium, London

Halfway through Robbie Williams Take The Crown show at Wembley Stadium, the 39 year old started singing “I was famous in the 90’s and I still play Wembley…” and that just summarises the legend that is Robbie Williams.

Over 20 years into his musical career, the Angels singer proved at multiple stadiums around the world that he has still in fact got ‘it’.

Zip-lining onto the stage to the sounds of Hey Wow, Robbie Williams opens his massive 2 hour long set with the obvious, Let Me Entertain You, but still gives you the same tingles it did at Progress Live, and probably at Knebworth, 10 years ago now.

Self admittedly not the best vocalist, it’s Robbie’s stage presence that’s admirable. It’s not easy to have 65,000 people eating out of the palm of your hand, but he does it so perfectly. Treating us to album tracks from latest release Take The Crown, as well as all the old classics, there really is nothing quite like being at the back of a sold out stadium taking in the entire atmosphere (own pictures below).



The man himself aside, the stage itself was out of this world – with not one, but two catwalks, coming in very handy for the Olly and Robbie duet of Kids half way through the show. Not to mention the array of different Robbie ‘heads’ that joined him on stage on multiple occasions, shooting out water and letting lose hundreds of ballons (below), as well as the huge screen that made up the whole stage with a mould of his face in the centre. If you thought Progress Live was big, this was that and then some.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Robbie Williams show without getting one lucky audience member on the stage for a song or two, admitting he picked her for her, well, assets. I don’t think there was a single woman in the audience not jealous of ‘Stacy from Leeds’ at Wembley Stadium. Robbie even treated us to the 3 guitar chords he knows during the acoustic part of the set, singing first number one single from 1998, Millenium.

Belting out favourites like Sexed Up, Come Undone, and even squeezing in a bit of Rudebox, the “cheeky chappy” from Stoke-on-Trent of course ended the show on Angels, which was nothing short of emotional with the entire audience singing along to the ballad whilst various fireworks and confetti left the stage.

Although hitting the big four-oh next year, Robbie Williams gave an outstanding fun-packed performance and was completely non-stop throughout. His 2 hour set featured a whole 2 hours of live music, no long VT’s to fill costume changing gaps, and i’m pretty certain there wasn’t a single disappointed person leaving Wembley Stadium that night.

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