Online zine’s and magazines seem to be the new big thing to show off creativity in many forms. Whether music, fashion or food, NOIR covers it, and their first issue has just gone live (August 6).


“Noir is an online blog/zine which explores a wide range of topics which range from current issues to various forms of art. We aim to provide a non biased view through illustration, photography, film and writing. Appealing to men & women, noir informs of creative and cultural news.
Originally Noir was created as a project for my foundation year, and the original aim of noir was to create a magazine which examined the propaganda of image in the fashion industry. Noir was to embrace feminism in a different view then which is shown in commercialised magazines currently on shop shelves today.
Through illustration instead of touched up photography, it was to show articles that were meant to inspire women, not belittle them.
I am now extremely happy to announce that noir will branch out onto other subjects to interest a broader audience and will discuss creative and cultural news in a straight up manner with humour.”

The lovely Lucy Rogers, creator of NOIR, contacted me a while ago about writing a piece for the online magazine. I reviewed Daughter’s If You Leave album, and you can check it out below!


The first issue it’s entirety can be found on the website:

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