Introduced to electronic music in 2010, Jack stepped aside from his usual world of rock and alternative music and realised how much variety was out there. Not having any education in music didn’t stop his new found dreams of producing, and in 2011, WeSpeakProse was born.


Corners In Circles, released August 2013, is the first EP from WeSpeakProse which covers so many genres you’d find it hard to not find at least something you like out of the 6 tracks. A personal favourite of mine would be opening song The Way Things Could Have Been, which has a delicate acoustic sound to it, and an introduction fuelled by the sounds of nature. A close second would be third track, Adalheidis, which starts with the same kind of vibe. That being said, every single song on the EP has so much presence and professionalism, it really makes you wonder how WeSpeakProse really has only been doing this for 2 years.

Nelipott caught up with the guy behind WeSpeakProse, Jack Stead, who told us about how his “stage name” came about.

“The idea of WeSpeakProse is slightly derived from Shakespeare plays; the upper-class and wealthy characters would speak in iambic pentameter, and were meant for the wealthy audience members to relate too. The poorer, ‘common’ characters would speak in prose, and were made for the poorer, standing members of the audience to relate with. I guess I just liked the idea of that, not having come from a wealthy family and all that.”

You can download Corners In Circles for free here, and like WeSpeakProse on Facebook here.

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