INTRODUCING: Oliver Daldry

19 year old singer-songwriter Oliver Daldry is just about to release his debut album after writing songs for as long as he can remember.


The Boy Who Fell is such a strong debut laced with folky guitars and wonderful harmonies, Oliver really captures the true simplicity of singer-songwriters in the 21st century.

A personal favourite track of mine would be Faded, a really personal track written about Oliver’s nan suffering dementia. In his own words, the song is about ‘how she watched me grow up, and now I am watching her grow old’. A close second would be title track The Boy Who Fell.

“The Boy Who Fell is about an old friend of mine who was just given a very unfair set of circumstances and ended up being crushed by them.”

Every song on the album is a personal diary to Oliver’s emotions and life experiences, and as easy as it is for an artist to say this, you can really feel this throughout.

The best part of this album is the fact you can get your hands on good quality music for just £3.99! That works out less than 40p a song, can you really say no to that?!

The Boy Who Fell is out on iTunes October 7, and Oliver Daldry plays at The Green Note in London (Camden) on November 14 – tickets here.

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