Big Reunion 2.0

With various rumours about who is joining ITV’s hit show The Big Reunion for the second generation of groups, Nelipott have put together our own personal list of who we’d love to hopefully see on the show next year.

S Club 7 were without a doubt one of the biggest, if not the biggest, English pop group of the 90’s/00’s. Bringing us singles such as S Club Party, Don’t Stop Movin’, Reach, Never Had A Dream Come True, the list goes on… Bradley, Jo and Paul have spent the past few years touring around universities with the classic S Club hits, but we’re all holding on to the hope of all 7 of them to get together again.

Hear’say were the winners of 2001 talent show Popstars, which also brought us Big Reunion 1.0 act Liberty X. Their success was definitely short lived only being a band for a year, and the hope of a comeback is slim with Kym Lomas (formally Marsh) is busy with her successful acting career on Coronation Street. But, hey, who doesn’t want to hear Pure And Simple Again!

A1 burst onto the scene with their debut single Be The First To Believe back in 1999, and the following 3 years before their split was filled with hit after hit – Take On Me, Like A Rose, and Caught In The Middle, name but a few! The group have actually already made various come backs, one as recent as a year ago (Trust Me), but we think they’d definitely be a great act for the show, especially as lead singer Ben Adams is still a complete hottie – swoon!

All Saints were one of the most successful girl groups of the 90’s. With 10 million records worldwide and 9 top 10 singles under their belt, these are without a doubt our most highly anticipated hopeful Big Reunion members. We’d do anything to hear Never Ever and Under The Bridge again!

Another Level. Freak Me – enough said.

Vengaboys have already made a comeback this year with single Hot Hot Hot, and as great as that is, we obviously all want We Like To Party, Uncle John From Jamaica, We’re Going To Ibiza and Kiss (When The Sun Don’t Shine), obviously!

Mis-Teeq are one of the highly rumoured artists for next years Big Reunion, as Alesha Dixon spoke out earlier this year saying she’d love to get in the studio with the fellow members again. In August this year she also said the band may reform in 2014… Hooray! Scandalous, Be With Me and One Night Stand are miles better than The Boy Does Nothing – sorry Alesha!

Blazin’ Squad would certainly fill up the Big Reunion studios if all 10 of them agreed to get back together. They’ve shrugged off any talks of a reunion, but either way, lets take a minute to remember Crossroads, Flip Reverse and Love On The Line. Half of the line up also got together and released a song in 2009 which is actually better than anticipated!

Who would you like to see on next years Big Reunion?

Tickets for this years Christmas Party Tour with Five, Liberty X, Atomic Kitten, B’Witched, 911 and Honeyz, are on sale now.

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