The 1975 – Girls

The 1975 have released the video for their upcoming single, Girls, taken from their number 1 self-titled album.

The video is a tongue-in-cheek dig at labels telling bands and musicians what they need to do in their videos, whether it be suited to their style of music or not.

When speaking out about the video, singer Matthew Healy says, “Twinned with our love of ’80s pop, its innocence, grandiosity and conceptual ideas in music videos – we wanted to make a video about a record label’s attempt at enforced conformity.”

After the uproar of changing their usual black and white theme for an updated video for Sex, the four piece decided to play on the stereotypes and being branded a “sellout”. Replacing the four band members with models in lingerie, the video for Girls is fun and fitting to upbeat nature of the guitar riffs in the track, heavily influenced by Prince. There’s no denying who performs this song when Healy’s vocals come into play, and this is yet another great track from a brilliant album.

Girls is out November 11. Album out now.


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