Interview: Big Sixes

Alternative six-piece Big Sixes (or as vocalist and bassist Charles refers to them: ‘a six-piece boy band with a lot of heart and soul’) have spent the last week supporting Deaf Havana on their biggest tour to date. A few hours before their set at Bristol’s O2 Academy, myself and Josh Jones caught up with them to discuss songwriting influences and what’s next for the boys from Buckinghamshire.


For such a young band, has it been hard getting your name out there?
Charlie: It hasn’t really, because we’ve been lucky enough to keep being taken on tour with Deaf Havana.

Since touring with Deaf Havana earlier this year, you’ve received a lot of attention. How have things changed for you since April?
Charlie: We actually have fans now, you know, people who actually give a fuck and want to come and see us play the songs that they know well.

What has been the best experience for you guys so far?
Charles: Union Chapel was definitely a massive highlight for me.
Charlie: Yeah. And obviously, selling out our first ever headline London show in like five or six days, that was pretty great.

Which artists would you say are your main influences?
Charlie: I would say musically, we don’t actually take inspiration from anywhere and we find more inspiration creatively from every possible creative outlet there is. I find that more often than not I’ll be reading about something that Lady Gaga’s done… like she’s done something fantastic but I’m not gonna go out and write Born This Way [laughs]. At the same time I think one of the most insane things about the music industry at the moment is that people that are making music are doing so many other things, like you have people that are producers and songwriters and photographers and artists and as a whole collective entity I think we take inspiration from all of those places.

Where do you get your inspiration for songwriting?
Charlie: Uh, I don’t know just standard stuff like everyday situations. But I take inspiration from everything. I think it’s important not to go out into the world of music and try to write something that sounds like something, to try to fit into a certain thing or try and define yourself to early, because you’re gonna cut yourself off too early and there’s nowhere you can go. If you’re want to write an indie then you’re going to do that and then it’s like ‘well what can we do now’. I think it’s important to not be too heavily influenced by anything.

Your single The Hunter received some great feedback. Were you expecting a reaction like that before it was released?
Charles: No, we released a lot of stuff before and it hasn’t really taken off as much as that did, I guess.
Charlie: That was our first proper thing… like, so much as happened since and even before we put out The Hunter that hadn’t even been talked about on the internet. That’s what’s kicked it all up – the reason we signed with our management was because of that song and the hype that got generated because of it.

You’ve released a couple of EPs, but can we expect an album any time soon? What else is next for Big Sixes?
Charlie: We’ve got a couple of festivals and a couple of tours coming up next year that are going to be announced soon, and that’s about it. As for albums, my lips are sealed.

3 thoughts on “Interview: Big Sixes

  1. Hi Charlie:Loved your WMP concert in NY and the Apple Store anpparaece. I heard you this a.m. on WQXR (Ole Bull recording), too (Jeff Spurgeon’s show).Robert Kurilla


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