Introducing: Helena Micy


Since 2004, Helena Micy has been working hard to break into the RnB music scene. She dropped her studies in Archaeology to concentrate on a career in music, earning herself a degree in Modern Singing. Whilst performing live in bands, her passion towards a life in the music industry is what drove her forward.

In 2009, Micy began writing her own material, and by 2010 she had recorded two singles, “Listen”, which features Stereo Mike, and “Leave Me Alone”. In 2011, she made the move from her home in Greece to London where she crafted her debut album, a continuation of her work with Stereo Mike, the producer of the album. This self-titled EP was released in 2012 and features the two aforementioned tracks as well as the new “Don’t Change” (below).

Since the release of this EP, Micy has performed live across the UK, and even performed at this Summer’s South By Southwest. On her return to the UK, she decided that a change to her solo career was needed, and has now formed a band, with a guitarist, bassist and drummer behind her vocal work.

Whilst she has been compared to Christina Scabbia and Amy Lee (huge compliments in their own regards), Helena Micy has a unique sounding voice, which sets her apart from other female vocalists. She defines herself as a Soul and RnB singer/songwriter, and her soulful, honest lyrics combined with classic RnB beats prove this to be an accurate description. However, throughout her songs there are often musical elements that are not so frequently found in RnB, such as the piano-driven “Don’t Change”, where skillful keys add a classical sound to her work and showcase her musical talents.

Expect to see this lady across venues in the UK soon!

Helena Micy’s self-titled is available to purchase now from Amazon.

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