Tyson Ritter – Air

Tyson Ritter has found fame with American pop-rock band The All American Rejects, but this week, after announcing the track in mid October, has released solo track ‘Air’.

The track is a fast-paced three minutes of catchy hooks, on-point vocals and an infectious drum-beat that would not be out of place on any previously released work by the full band with a typically AAR sing along chorus that will sure to be a crowd favourite when played live. With opening lyrics like ‘what about us/what about wanderlust’, it is immediately clear that Ritter’s writing style that he found in the band’s break-through album ‘Move Along’ hasn’t changed all that much, but hey, why fix what isn’t broken?

Ritter confirmed through twitter in mid October that this release is not the beginnings of his solo career, and is in fact something he recorded over a year ago ‘for fun’. So, sadly this means that there has been no recent studio time for The All American Rejects and the follow up to the 2012 release, ‘Kids in the Street’ is not in sight quite yet, but ‘Air’ paves the way for a promising new release in the future!

Grab ‘Air’ on iTunes now.

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