Justin Timberlake – TKO

Justin Timberlake is firing out singles after being mute from music for 6 years, and TKO is the latest music video instalment which certainly differs from the dancing and happy scenes seen in previous release, Take Back The Night.

Featuring Elvis’ model Granddaughter Riley Keough as Justin’s love interest, TKO see’s what can only be described as an abusive gold-digging relationship that gets out of control. The song itself includes lyrics like ‘baby, everyday you’re training to get the gold’ and ‘girl I can see in your eyes that there’s something inside that made you evil’, and the video is the missing puzzle piece to the song, with Justin being roped along by a moving truck, soon to be spun off a cliff.

But with lyrics like ‘this rematch sex is amazing’, the video isn’t all that bad, when Justin and Riley participate in a, well, adult scene on the kitchen counter…

TKO is taken from The 20/20 Experience Part 2 of 2, which is out now.

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