Lily Allen – Hard Out Here

Despite announcing her retirement to music back in 2010, Lily Allen has taken a step back into the industry with new single, Hard Out Here.

The song is nothing we haven’t seen from Lily before, mocking the media and giving a feminist kick towards a “sexist music industry”. The 28 year old singer is seen with a group of female dancers in underwear, suggestively eating a banana and “twerking”.

The song and video make various digs to the biggest selling single of the year, Blurred Lines, singing the lyrics ‘Have you thought about your butt, who’s gonna tear it in two?’ referring to T.I.’s verse in the number 1 single.



You’ll either love or hate this song, but we can’t help but think we’ve heard this sarcastic “mock everything and everyone” attitude from Lily Allen one too many times before.

Despite tweeting that she was ‘retiring from writing, recording and touring under the name Lily Allen‘, the Smile singer went back to her original name this year after a brief encounter using her married name, Lily Rose Cooper. She has featured on tracks with the likes of Pink and T-Pain during her hiatus, but returned this year where her vocals are being used for this years John Lewis Christmas advert, covering Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know.

Hard Out Here is out November 17.

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