Title Fight – Spring Songs

Picking up where ‘Floral Green’ left off in 2012, Title Fight’s 2013 EP ‘Spring Songs’ continues to drag its feet through four concentrated 90s-esque grunge tracks.


Opener ‘Blush’ is 2 minutes and 52 seconds of aggression, thickened out by the reverberations of vocalist Ned Russin’s bass playing. This segues through to ‘Be A Toy’, reminiscent of Weezer circa 1996.

‘Receiving Line’ is arguably the best track on the EP, combining delicacy and anger through the amalgamation of Jamie Rhoden’s stripped back vocals and the strength of the drums.  ‘Hypnotize’ brings the EP to a close, a final hit of dissonant vocals paired with clean guitars not unfamiliar to the bands past offerings.

Title Fight’s further exploration of the sludgy alternative grunge sound and the choice to record to analog tape with Floral Green producer Will Yip are both working in their favor. Fingers crossed for more of the same in 2014.

Spring Songs is out now.

Review by Emily Hatzar

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