Luke Pickett announces new single


I’m sure there is many of you wondering who ‘Luke Pickett’ is, but I can assure you that you wont be asking that question for long.

I’ve been a fan of Luke Pickett for around 6 years, after first hearing his single Empty Corridors when a friend sent me the track via MSN Messenger – yes, that long ago! I first got the opportunity to see him live at Camden’s Barfly in January 2008, where he played an incredible set with back up from old band members from Her Words Kill. After this show, you could say I became a bit of a fangirl. I went to as many London show’s as I could, including even travelling to Reading to see him play at Face Bar in May 2011.

Around this time he also posted some live sessions on YouTube, including Untouchables, Treat You So Bad and We All Wear Crowns (below).

Unfortunately, Luke Pickett went a little quiet after these uploads, and after being told to sit tight for an album, I started to wonder if it was ever going to come.

Recently, Luke cleared out his Twitter feed and changed his icon. With hope this meant something new was finally coming soon, this evening finally saw the tweet i’ve been waiting for.

Luke Pickett is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter, and I have spent the past 6 years doing nothing but singing his praises and waiting for a debut album. With the new single, Wasted Dreams, set for release next week, it looks like we might finally be closer to that album.

Follow Luke Pickett on Twitter, like Luke Pickett on Facebook, and find his website here.

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