We Are Fiction – One For Sorrow

Peterborough five-piece We Are Fiction have spent the majority of 2013 taking over the UK rock scene, and their debut album One For Sorrow (released November 18th) has guaranteed their place in the spotlight for 2014.

The album begins with ‘Mansion House’ – a fast and heavy track that sounds somewhat similar to early Deaf Havana, throwing together a mix of melodic hardcore and punk rock. While this may not have been the best track to open with, the song is good, and it’s clear that We Are Fiction definitely have a lot of potential.

A massive highlight from the album was ‘Bright Lights’. Written about touring experiences and featuring some brilliant guest vocals from Marc Halls (Hey Vanity) and Sam Douglas (Mallory Knox), this upbeat, melodic track consists of incredible guitar work and catchy lyrics that will be sure to make a memorable impact. Following in it’s footsteps is the the band’s first official release from One For Sorrow, the phenomenal ‘My Dreams Are Haunted’. If Marc Kucharski and Phil Barkers’s vocals aren’t pulling at your heartstrings, you’ve probably got the wrong album.

Another highliight is the band’s second single ‘Sail On’ (below). A typical British rock track sounding very similar to bands such as Mallory Knox and We Are The Ocean, it was written as a somewhat uplifting message of overcoming obstacles, expressed through the song’s title. ‘The Worst Of It’ takes the same positivity themes and combines it with an upbeat sound close to that of A Day To Remember. Two of the catchiest and most anthemic songs from the album, these songs will not disappoint.

The final tracks of the album are a mix of slower, more intense guitar work. The anthemic, melodic sounds in ‘Earth Medicine’ bring us back to early Deaf Havana (but some of the better stuff) and the guitar effects on ‘Forget About Me’ scream raw emotion and turn this song into something much more powerful. One For Sorrow is a brilliant album (although, without going into too much detail, maybe the rap section on ‘Tilt’ could have been avoided) and is a great start for a band who’s name is guaranteed to be mentioned all over the UK in 2014.

We Are Fiction have just finished playing Warped Tour UK 2013 and will be touring the UK with Max Raptor and Attention Thieves (see @wearefictionuk on Twitter for dates).

One For Sorrow is out now.

Review by Kelly Ronaldson

2 thoughts on “We Are Fiction – One For Sorrow

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