Brooklyn-based Water Knot, having formed in 2011, have just put out their first EP, ‘Sometimes’. This five-track musical offering from the up-and-coming American rockers, released just this month, showcases the best talents of the band, and with comparisons to Hendrix and Oasis, it’s definitely worth a listen.

2 Water_Knot_Ready_press

US-based magazine ‘American Songwriter’ have even stated that “The New York quartet brought high energy to their set, which combined Floydian space rock sound with eerie, ripping guitar solos”. Such high compliments early on in the bands career are a true testament to their talent, and, with one listen of their EP, it is easy to see why.

After playing numerous live shows in America, Water Knot have caught the attention of the right people in the music business, and thanks to this, ‘Lust’ (below), the band’s newest single, is set to feature in the upcoming film ‘Homefront’, starring Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and James Franco. With heavy guitar riffs and bass lines, it’s no wonder that this track was picked for the action-packed thriller, and the exposure this offers Water Knot should push them further into the spotlight, and deservedly so.

Other works on ‘Sometimes’ such as ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Ready’ house slightly different sounds. With less of a prominent bass-line than in ‘Lust’, there is room for piano keys paired and guitar riffs that make both tracks somewhat reminiscent of Muse’s heavier works, and vocals that echo a raspier-sounding Liam Gallagher. Whilst this sounds like an odd combination, it certainly works for the New York quartet.

Revelations’ is one of the strongest tracks on the EP and most prominently demonstrates the bands strengths, with more heavy baselines and guitar riffs that seem to be a staple of this EP, and for good reason. This lengthy 6-minute track allows extensive guitar solos that are a true example of front-man Louis’s talents, paired with his equally as strong vocals.

The entire EP is a well-crafted creation with skilful work in all aspects. From vocals, to strings, to drums, to keys, these boys seem to have unlimited talents. With such a strong first effort, we’re expecting truly great things from Water Knot – a lot of bands haven’t reached this level of talent and maturity before their second or third album. Water Knot are picking up fans fast, with over 60 ,000 twitter followers, but with the exposure their Hollywood soundtrack-spot should give them, they’re destined for an influx of even more fans – we’re expecting 2014 to be their year!

Pick up ‘Sometimes’ on iTunes now for just £2.49.

3 Water_Knot_Big_Brother_press

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