INTRODUCING: Searching Alaska


Photo © Tim Easton

Searching Alaska are a rock band from Surrey & Essex in the UK, and although this may be the first time you’ve heard the name, it’s definitely not going to be the last.

Forming in 2012, the female fronted band have already achieved great success; earning press in hit music magazines such as Rock Sound and Kerrang!, having a successful debut EP release, and most exciting, winning this years Red Bull competition and playing Download Festival.

Their brand new single, Abandoner (below), delivers a heavier sound, introducing us to what’s to come with the next EP in 2014. Whatever you do, don’t let the female vocals mistake this 4 piece for another Paramore dupe, as this band undoubtably have something special. Perfect for fans of Bring Me The Horizon, Bury Tomorrow and Memphis May Fire, Searching Alaska have a lot to bring to the table.

Not only do these guys put out great music videos and have even better presence at live shows, Searching Alaska regularly record acoustic sessions for YouTube, which especially show off vocalist Christina’s talents. (Be sure to check out their rendition of Foo Fighter’s Best of You).

Nelipott caught up with vocalist Christina Rotondo, and guitarist Toby Campen, to tell us what to expect from Searching Alaska in 2014.

You’ve had an amazing year with playing Download Festival, how was that for you and the band?
Download was by far the biggest show we had ever played as a band. We spent a long time perfecting our set and getting all of the details as perfect as we could. We weren’t really sure what to expect on the day, but as we nervously went out on stage we were pleasantly surprised to see a huge turn out, despite clashing with the likes of Motorhead and Bury Tomorrow. We got a great response from the audience, and were honoured to play at a festival that we could have only dreamed of playing when the band began.

What’s the first thing Searching Alaska shall be doing as a band in 2014?
In 2014 we have a lot to announce that we’re really excited for. We’ve just started working with new people who are offering us a lot of support over the next year, and we’ve got a lot going on behind the scenes. We have a UK tour booked for February, a new EP which we are in the process of writing, and already talks of a second UK tour.

When can we expect the next EP?
Our next EP should be released around mid 2014, and you can expect a heavier sound with even more melodic riffs! We have taken many different influences for our new sound and people should expect to hear a darker sounding, more atmospheric record compared to our older material.

You’re touring around the UK in February, what cities can we expect to see you in?
We’ll definitely be playing a home town London show, and we’ll also be going as far up to Glasgow. More to be announced soon as we can’t give too much away right now!

Get Abandoner on iTunes now.

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