Founded in 2011, Rainfalls are a melodic-hardcore band from Scotland. The five-piece spent 2012 recording their debut EP, releasing a charity single, playing shows with the likes of Vanna, The Grennery and Hundredth, and this this year has been just as busy.


Despite being hindered with a few line up changes, they were back on track and continued creating a name for themselves in their hometown of Glasgow.

Their new EP, The Four Seasons, was released December 3 alongside their first headline show. With the tragic events of the helicopter crash recently hitting the bands hometown, they decided for any profit and merch sales from the show to be donated to The Clutha, the pub that was crashed into.

The EP (above) is now available for a ‘name your price’ download from BandCamp, in which the proceeds are still going towards this tragedy.

Rainfalls create their sound by adding melodic guitar parts to a fast paced punk rooted atmosphere, that can diminish into ambient and emotionally charged segments, which Rainfalls have coined as part of their unique sound.

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