Luke Pickett – Wasted Dreams

Ladies (and gentlemen), brace yourselves, because Luke Pickett’s return is finally here.

Announced last week, the singer-songwriter revealed his brand new single, Wasted Dreams, would be available on Monday. We fell in love with it upon first listen and the video has been released today.

Luke Pickett has been in the industry for years, but Wasted Dreams sees the Londoner knocking on the door of R’n’B and testing the waters with something new. Self admittedly inspired by the likes of Justin Timberlake, this song really does show off Luke’s smooth and polished vocals, perfectly fitting to this genre.

Despite 80% of the video just looking like Windows Media Player visualisations to the beat of the track, Luke makes a brief appearance at the beginning and around the half way mark.

Wasted Dreams is a strong start to a new, and certainly way overdue, step in Luke Pickett’s music career, and we can’t wait to hear more.

Get ‘Wasted Dreams’ on iTunes now.

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