Miley Cyrus – Adore You

Princess of Controversy, also known as Miss Miley Cyrus, has released the video for new single, Adore You.

Adore You is the third single taken from Miley’s 2013 album Bangerz, and the video of course is far from dull. Although this time not naked like in her previous video for Wrecking Ball, the 21 year old is seen writhing about in some bedsheets in see-through lingerie shooting her own footage on a handheld camera.

Unfortunately, yet again, this beautiful ballad is overshadowed by a tasteless video that see’s the former Hannah Montana star touching herself a little too much, poking her tongue out (of course), biting herself,  suggesting masturbating and well, just being a little inappropriate. But do we really expect anything less from the girl that stole the headlines in 2013?

We know you’re super smokin’ hot with bangin’ eyebrows Miss Cyrus, but quite frankly, the Adore You video is horribly awkward to watch.

Adore You is taken from the album Bangerz, which is out now.

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