Leah McFall – No Ordinary Love

We spent the entire last series of The Voice singing her praises, and when Leah McFall didn’t take the crown, we patiently waited for Will.I.Am to work his magic and get an album out anyway. A year later, and we finally have something to work with, as today sees the video release of No Ordinary Love.

Made famous on the show for her incredibly unique renditions of songs (I Will Survive being a stand out), Leah was an unusual talent that the world and his wife were excited about. Yet, unfortunately, No Ordinary Love is so close to ordinary that it barely makes her voice recognisable without watching the video to be reminded of that brown fringe and blonde hair combo.

The over production almost distorts her voice from what it usually is; raw and quite simply, incredible. You only have to watch the other videos on her YouTube channel (I strongly recommend the Justin Bieber As Long As You Love Me cover) to spot the difference.

The song itself doesn’t really go anywhere, and the video is, to put it bluntly, boring. Very disappointing coming from such a massive talent. No kudos to you, Will.I.Am!

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