The Big Reunion returns!

When The Big Reunion hit our TV screens last year, us 90’s babies couldn’t get enough. With rumours of a second series for 2014, the wait is finally over as The Big Reunion is back this week.

This time round sees the likes of Eternal, A1, Damage, 3T and Girl Thing reuniting for the ITV2 show, but the main talk of the town is the new twist of solo artists. 2014 brings together Gareth Gates, Dane Bowers, Kenzie, Kavana and Adam Rickett, to form one supergroup slash man-band called 5th Story. There is a very thin line between this being the best or worst thing ever…

Before you all start hitting Google for the ‘who’s that’ question for 90% of the contenders, allow us to refresh your memory.

Formed in 1992, Eternal released a number of hits, including their debut Stay, I Wanna Be The Only One (above), Angel of Mine, and Power of a Woman. The band split in 2000, and after a few failed attempts at reforming in the past, they’re one of the biggest “one to watch” for The Big Reunion.

If you didn’t have a poster of Ben Adams on your wall in 1998, you definitely weren’t down with the cool girls. A1 stormed the charts in the 90’s with their singles Summertime of Our Lives, Like A Rose, Be The First To Believe, and of course, their rendition of A-Ha’s Take On Me. The now 3 piece reformed a few years ago, and have already dabbled in releasing new, pretty decent material (Trust Me), but I think we’re all more interested in hearing the old stuff again.

Usually just known as Baby Spice’s boyfriends band, Damage were like the British version of Boyz II Men, and had a string of hits including four top 10 singles, such as Ghetto Romance (above), Forever, Wonderful Tonight and Love Guaranteed.

Michael Jackson’s nephews, aka 3T, are a modern day Jackson 5 with an urban twist. We can imagine performances of Why (above) could get emotional.

Despite their very brief two year stint as a band, Girl Thing managed to grab themselves a top 10 single with Last One Standing (above). You’ll more than likely just recognise the cute brunette as Kian from Westlife’s wife, or Debbie Dean from Hollyoaks. But hey, you’ve gotta have one ‘filler’ band on the show, right?

And last, but certainly not least, 5th Story. Made up of Pop Idol runner up Gareth Gates (Unchained Melody, Anyone of Us, Spirit In The Sky, What My Heart Wants To Say), Coronation Street star Adam Rickitt (I Breathe Again), Another Level front man Dane Bowers (Freak Me, From The Heart, Out Of Your Mind), one hit wonder Kavana (I Can Make You Feel Good), and lastly, Blazin’ Squad rapper Kenzie (Crossroads, Flip Reverse, Love On The Line). This is something we certainly can’t wait to see put together.

The Big Reunion kicks off on Thursday (February 6), ITV2, 9PM.

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