Luke Pickett releases free EP

Back in November 2013, we expressed our delight when Luke Pickett announced his comeback to music. We patiently waited for Wasted Dreams to hit iTunes, and when it did, we weren’t at all disappointed.

Throughout a quiet festive period, last week saw an unknown countdown hit Luke Pickett’s social networking websites, and yesterday we were all surprised with a free 3-track EP for download.


W.D.E.P opens with a remix of Wasted Dreams, however don’t let the word ‘remix’ fool you to thinking a heavy drum beat is messily plastered all over a great track. Instead, this is a stripped back version of an already beautiful song.

Next is Always On Our Minds, a track that really tells us what Luke Pickett is all about. Obviously heavily influenced by the likes of Justin Timberlake, it ups the tempo and brings us something fresh and raw.

But it’s when we get to track 3, I Can Make It Anywhere, where we’re greeted with a heartfelt ballad that really shows off Pickett as an incredible lyricist and great vocal talent.

The problem with a free EP, is most people mistake the content to be some empty left behind songs that weren’t good enough for an album. However, W.D.E.P is the exact opposite. Strong, solid material that you would expect on a well established artists record. Just download the EP and see for yourself.

Get W.D.E.P from Luke Pickett’s website here.

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