Caged Animals – The Overnight Coroner

“Computer pop with an emotionally affecting undertow… achingly beautiful.” That’s how Q Magazine referred to Caged Animals’ second album, In The Land Of Giants. “One of the most heart-rendingly catchy things we’ve heard in a while,” said The Fly.

Now, critically acclaimed New York five-piece Caged Animals have streamed a brand new EP, ‘The Overnight Coroner’. What’s interesting about this record though, is the narrative behind it. Frontman and vocalist Vincent Cacchione is a former courier of Medical Oxygen – a job that came hand in hand with a lot of new and strange experiences.

Here’s a statement from Vincent about the new EP:

“The body of work that resulted from these experiences veered in two clear directions; the character-driven song structures which I’ve collected as ‘The Overnight Coroner’ and the more spiritually-tuned pop of our second-album ‘In The Land Of Giants’. On ‘The Overnight Coroner’ I decided to chase down a longstanding creative aspiration to combine my writing and songwriting into a single package. The result is a four-song record accompanied by a long-form short story.  People at work inspired the character’s I’ve examined in the words. Some are based on real people I’ve known while others are imagined.”

It’s catchy, incredibly beautiful and covers a topic that we’re unlikely to have heard about before (at least, in terms of music anyway). The most remarkable thing about this record however, is that it ends with a brilliantly written thirty-five minute short story.

The Overnight Coroner is out now.

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