FUTURE FEATS remix The 1975’s ‘Girls’

American quintet FUTURE FEATS have just dropped their remix of The 1975’s single, Girls. The Chicago based boys made up of Josh, Jerry, Stu, Nate and Xavier, have sprinkled the track with tropical summer sounds that are enough to get anyone ready for the season ahead. Check it out for yourself below!

However, their talent doesn’t just lie within remixing the sounds of other artists, FUTURE FEATS have already caught the attention of local critics.

“Every shred of energy in the lead singer’s  body was left on the stage.  After the show, I found out it was their first show…. ever.  Check them out if you get the chance.” – Music That Isn’t Bad

Balancing fun, energetic music with lyrics inspired by the less pleasant experiences of lead singer and songwriter Josh’s life, their music encourages a hopeful perspective. Check out their SoundCloud to hear more.

Go give FUTURE FEATS a lil’ like on Facebook to keep up to date with what’s next.

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