Justin Timberlake – Not A Bad Thing

Justin Timberlake might currently be busy touring the world for the first time in 6 years, but that hasn’t got in the way of his idea for a really heartfelt documentary style video for his new single, Not A Bad Thing.

The love song, taken from part 2 of The 20/20 Experience albums, was the soundtrack to an unknown man’s to proposal to his girlfriend on a train to New York City, and as word got out, Justin decided to turn his music video into a witch-hunt for the couple.

Although Timberlake himself is absent from the video throughout, this helps to puts the spotlight solely on what the video is about; the story of love. Not just between this particular couple, but all the couples featured talking about their perception of love and how they were brought together.

The video was premiered on Justin’s buddy Ellen Degeneres’ show this week. “Obviously, if you know this couple, contact us, because Justin is trying to find you and we’ll put you all together” she said, continuing the plea to find the still unknown pair.

With the 5 minute video ending on a ‘To be continued’, we’re excited to see the concluding part to this simple, yet beautiful idea.

Justin Timberlake hits the UK at the end of this month to continue his The 20/20 Experience World Tour, playing to crowds in Sheffield, London, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham. Full dates and very few tickets can be found via his website.

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