The term “YouTuber” is newly becoming more and more accepted and a common interest amongst social media users. Whether you’re filming your own videos or watching others, the YouTube-ing community is getting bigger by the day. From the girls that speak about fashion and beauty hauls, to the guys that partake in challenges, creating a YouTube Channel can open so many doors for certain individuals.

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Meet Hudson, or how you may know him, Mr Tukie, who has been part of the world of YouTube for just over a year now. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, 18 year old Hudson has been no stranger to the camera since he was a little guy, but it was his sister’s own channel (Lauren Elizabeth) that inspired him to create his own.

Nelipott caught up with Hudson to discuss what’s in his music collection, and what’s next for him and his YouTube channel.

What was it that inspired you to make your first video and upload regularly?
I got into it because of my older sister. She had been doing it for quite some time and had gained a following, so when I appeared in her videos people kept wanting to see me more, and you know, who doesn’t like a little attention? So I kept begging my sister, “put me in this, let me do that” kinda thing and finally she just told me to make my own channel. She showed me YouTubers and basically explained the concept of “YouTubing” and I thought woah, this is cool… I want to do this. Then I uploaded my first (awful) video in November of 2012 and it’s just taken off from there.

What would you personally say has been your biggest achievement since becoming a YouTuber?
There have been so many incredible opportunities and experiences that have come as a result of YouTube, so it’s hard to pick just one and call it the best. Recently I had the opportunity to shoot five episodes of GuyMO with AwesomenessTV and that was definitely at the top of my experiences with YouTube. It was the first time I was all mic’d up and on set with an entire production crew, so I was pretty nervous – but the episodes were great and they loved it.

You’ve recently started a ‘Music Mondays’ feature on your website which we’re absolutely loving, but can you remember the first CD you ever bought?
Thank you! Yeah, I really like to share music so I’m glad you enjoy it. But wow, I had to really think about this one… I don’t recall if it was my absolute first CD, but the first one I remember having and loving was Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory and that was in 2000 when I was around seven years old. I remember I would listen to that CD on my walkman all day – it was my favourite.

You’re only allowed to attend one more concert/gig in your life time – what artist/band would you choose and why?
This is easy. I would without a doubt choose the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It’s on my bucket list to see them perform live, they have always been my favorite band since I was a little guy. They were actually at Lollapalooza in Chicago a couple years ago and I was out of town – that was a huge bummer.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Any releases or comebacks in 2014 you’re excited for?
You know, I’m actually really out of the loop when it comes to album releases and information like that, so I have no clue what’s in the works! But I would love to see Lana Del Rey or Frank Ocean release new music, because they’re two people I really got into when I found them and they haven’t done much since.

Tell us about an upcoming artist/band we may not have heard of but feel we should know about?
Oh, man. I can almost guarantee I don’t know anyone that you haven’t heard of. Hmm… I recently came across The National – I saw them perform on SNL – and I noticed they aren’t extremely popular. Other than that, my favorite band currently that I’ve been recommending to anyone with an ear is Cold War Kids!

Whats your most played song on your iTunes?
I don’t use my iTunes much – I’m an avid Spotify user – but my most played song on iTunes is River Flows in You by Yiruma at 5893 plays. That feels like a lot – but it is such a beautiful song!

What can we expect from you and your channel in 2014?
Expect to see a lot more creative videos as opposed to the casual sit down vlogs and challenges. I’m hoping to incorporate more skits and humor into my videos because that’s what I enjoy doing. Additionally I’m going to try and kick myself into a weekly schedule and consistently release what I feel is quality content.

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