INTERVIEW: Hello October

A self branded ‘big eyebrow lover and not so secret skincare stash-er’, meet Suzie, or better known to the land of the internet as Hello October. Winner of Cosmo’s Best Established Beauty Blog in 2013, and currently standing at 100 video uploads strong, we caught up with the 22 year old beauty blogger and YouTuber.


Tell us about ‘Hello October’ and how it all began?
I used to spend a lot of time reblogging pretty photos on Tumblr, and eventually got fed up and decided I wanted to take my own pretty photos and have a little space to document my life. So I moved platforms, but took the slightly tumblr-esque blog name with me. I always wanted it to be more of a lifestyle blog, but beauty naturally became the focus in more of a lifestyle format – there are far more stories and rambles in each post than anything else, but I prefer that.

What has been your biggest achievement since starting ‘Hello October’?
On an everyday basis – juggling the blog full time alongside building a career in an industry that requires more than the average eight hour day, is such a big achievement for me. On a slightly bigger scale, working with some of my favourite brands such as Clinique and Miss Selfridge – jobs like these usually require me to really push myself and step out of my comfort zone a little, so I always have a real sense of achievement once I’m done!

If you could see any artist/band live, dead or alive, who would it be?
Louis Armstrong. I love him! La Vie En Rose will always be particularly special.

What was the first concert/gig you went to? What was the last?
My first concert was with Radio One at the Brighton Dome – there were so many artists playing, including Beyonce! I was quite lucky really, my boyfriend got given tickets and was completely disinterested so I got to go. I think the last band I saw would’ve been at the Great Escape in Brighton last year.

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I think it would have to be Alt J An Awesome Wave, or Ben Howard’s Every Kingdom. They came out when I’d first passed my driving test and I have so many memories of driving around with friends late at night, and the whole album just being played over and over. They must be only albums in the world that I haven’t made myself hate through over playing!

Tell us about an upcoming artist/band we may not have heard of but feel we should know about?
My friend Jen has her own band called Jennifer Left. She is so talented and her voice is just perfect. She’s working on her new album at the moment and I’m so excited to see what she comes out with this time!

Can you name 5 of your all time favourite songs?
Lonely Boy by The Black Keys always puts a smile on my face, and I have a specific dance that goes along with it! New American Classic by Taking Back Sunday, La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong, Tesselate by Alt J, and Jared Leto’s version of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance (below).

Any releases or events in 2014 you’re excited for?
Anything from Lorde. I missed seeing her when she came to the UK last *sobs* but I’m also really excited for The Great Escape this year!

What can we expect from ‘Hello October’ in 2014?
This year I’m bringing celeberity inspired makeup videos into the YouTube mix, as well as trying to upload more vlogs and lookbooks!

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