Katy Perry – Birthday

If you saw our post on Tuesday for Avril Lavinge’s latest video Hello Kitty, you may have had enough cheesy pop for one week. However, Katy Perry’s latest single Birthday is not one to miss!

Miss Perry features not only as herself, but as five different party entertainers: Goldie the dancer, Yosef Shulem the MC, Kriss the clown, Ace the animal trainer, and Princess Mandee. As stated at the start of the video, Katy attended (or gate-crashed) five birthday parties, with madness, debauchery and embarrassment as her partner in crime at every event. Not one to shy away from dressing up (or taking her clothes off), Katy is hilarious as each act, with one group of little girls very happy to see face-painting failure Mandee.

Birthday is the fourth track to be released off of Prism, Perry’s fourth album. With the record achieving the coveted #1 spot on the charts, Roar followed soon after, with fellow singles Unconditionally and Dark Horse landing at #25 and #4, respectively.

Katy’s tongue-in-cheek style, naughty lyrics (‘So let me get you in your birthday suit, it’s time to bring out the big balloons‘) and eccentric personality will either make you love her (and the single) or hate her. As a huge Perry fan, Birthday is one of my favourites off of Prism, with a cheeky video to match its catchy, poppy beat.

I turn 21 in August… I wonder if I can get Princess Mandee to appear?

Grab Prism on iTunes now.

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