The Horrors – Luminous

Luminous is an embodiment of growth. The teething problems from ‘Skying’ have been meticulously worked through, meaning the product isn’t a million miles away from the aforementioned previous release but cleaner and more mature, showcasing undiscovered elements of the quintets talent.

Opening track ‘Chasing Shadows’ burns slowly, layering twinkling synth, cymbals and bongos, lulling you in to a full sense of security. These eddying passages from song to song create a psychedelic maze, leading you through the album; an entirely immersive experience.

It’s worth mentioning the seemingly newfound confidence in front man Faris Badwan. Previous albums saw Badwan’s vocals fall in to the background of the mix, pushing the sounds of guitars (or even drums in Strange House’s case) in to the foreground. Luminous shows Badwan in a new light (excuse the pun), with clearly separated verses and choruses for the vocalist to touch upon new found ranges.

Far be it from The Horrors to produce anything we expected them to play, so the introduction of something that can only be described as electro-pop has also somehow found its way in. ‘In and Out of Sight’ wouldn’t seem out of place on any dance floor, with an out and out jazzy bassline pinning together a buoyant vibe.

Luminous is nothing if not a nod to the bands obvious influences. Jealous Sun’s grinding industrial guitars recall the Loveless days of My Bloody Valentine. It’s not a direct copy of any previous releases by any means, The Horrors are rightfully paving a way all on their own.

Luminous is out now.

Review by Emily Hatzar

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