Beyonce and Jay Z unveil film trailer for upcoming tour

If the recent news of a joint Beyonce and Jay Z tour wasn’t exciting enough, the superstar couple have now released a mock-film trailer titled to support the news.

Instead of commonly promoting the tour with a standard poster and list of dates, 32 year old Beyonce and 44 year old Jay Z have pulled out all the stops for this 3 and a half minute cinematic release titled ‘Run’.

Run features an array of huge names, including Sean Penn, Blake Lively, Emmy Rossum and Jake Gyllenhaal, alongside the couple themselves. The star-studded action clip includes robbery, explosions, gunfights and everything we’d want to see in an upcoming movie. Unfortunately, the trailer ends on a screen of ‘coming never’, so a full length wont be hitting cinemas anytime soon.

Considering Beyonce managed to record a full length visual album without anyone knowing until it’s surprise release at the end of last year, nothing really surprises is anymore.

The On The Run Tour kicks off in Miami next month, hitting various venues across the US and Canada. Unfortunately, there’s no plans for the tour to hit Europe. Dates and tickets available via Beyonce’s website.

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