T.I. ft. Iggy Azalea – No Mediocre

T.I. and Iggy Azalea have teamed up for their third collaborative effort, this time for No Mediocre, taken from T.I.’s upcoming album ‘Paperwork: The Motion Picture’.

Being every feminists nightmare, No Mediocre is a song about T.I.’s quest to find a woman that meets his high standards. On a song that would definitely be mediocre (pun absolutely intended) without the appearance from Miss Azalea, the 24 year old Australian saves the day with her verse, where she makes reference to the late Whitney Houston.

The video is shot in Brazil, and as you would imagine, features a lot of beautiful women, and Iggy’s also no stranger to showing off her curves throughout.

Although some of you may be reading this thinking you haven’t really heard much from T.I. since his 2006 single Why You Wanna, or his 2009 number 1 with Justin Timberlake, the 33 year old rapper has actually got 3 Grammy Awards, 14 million album and 30 million single sales under his belt – not bad, eh?

No Mediocre is out on iTunes now.

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