INTERVIEW: Hannah Louise

Recently named one of the Best Dressed at this years Company Style Blogger Awards, 20 year old Hannah from Hannah Louise Fashion is constantly on the rise in the blogger-sphere. Born in Manchester, Hannah currently has a collective following of over 35 thousand and is definitely the girl you turn to for fashion dupes and tips.


Hannah // © Hannah Louise Fashion

Nelipott caught up with Hannah to find out a bit more about what she does, and just who would be on her dream festival line up.

Tell us about ‘Hannah Louise Fashion’ and how it all begun?
I’ve been blogging for 3 years now! Before I set up my blog I used Tumblr and Lookbook a lot, so it seemed to be a fairly natural step to start a ‘proper’ blog.

What do you personally feel has been your biggest achievement since starting Hannah Louise Fashion?
I was shortlisted for Company Magazine’s ‘Best Personal Style Blog’ at their blogger awards this year, which is pretty huge for me! I also have a super exciting project coming up with Primark.


Hannah // © Hannah Louise Fashion

As well as fashion, you’re also really into music, what have been some of the stand out live shows you’ve been to?
I think Bon Iver is still the best live band I’ve ever seen – I saw them at the Apollo in Manchester in 2011 and it was incredible. Another favourite live band is Title Fight, I’ve never seen them play a bad show but I saw them in Antwerp this year which was a great experience! I also saw Neutral Milk Hotel this year which was so exciting, especially considering that that band split up when I was about 5 or 6 years old. Off the top of my head, some of my other favourite shows have been Owen, Turnstile, The Story So Far, Basement & Trapped Under Ice.

Do you believe it’s possible for music to influence your style?
Definitely! Perhaps not mainstream music but any genre which has a subculture attached to it always brings with it a certain style or certain trends. I know that my style has definitely been influenced by my music taste.

What was the last album you bought?
I think the most recent purchase I made was King Nine’s Scared To Death on vinyl for my boyfriend.

You have the chance to build your dream festival line-up, who would be the three headliners?
Oh gosh! I’d get Jawbreaker back to play one day, get Have Heart back together for another, and then have a Taking Back Sunday / Brand New join headliner where they played only pre 2005 records. Or maybe Fall Out Boy (above) doing only Take This To Your Grave / From Under The Cork Tree and a few bangers off Infinity On High. Definitely unfeasible and those bands would never work together on a festival, but that would be crazy.


Hannah // © Hannah Louise Fashion

What can we expect from Hannah Louise Fashion in the future?
More of the same, hopefully some outfit photos by actual photographers rather than just my tripod, more beauty/hair posts, some more exciting and bigger brand collaborations, and I’m still trying to talk myself into starting a YouTube channel but no promises there.

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