The underground music world has recently been breaking away from the small bars, DIY venues, and internet forums its usually reserved to, and is heading straight for the big venues and festivals. This grungey, shouty, punky and quite frankly noisy-as-fuck sound is here, and with the likes of Gnarwolves opening Reading & Leeds main stage, Slaves playing pretty much every festival and venue that will give them the stage time, and bands with names longer then their hair getting booked by actual AGENTS (The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die come to mind); this scene could be around for the long haul.

With the ever growing love for this scene and the popularity of all day gigs, Nelipott caught up with Brighton 4 piece Muskets, on the eve before they take to the stage as part of the second instalment of Weathered Collective’s get together; which features great bands, is free, and all they ask is a donation if possible for the travelling bands – all in a tiny pub in Norwich.


Whats up guys! First off, how did you all meet?
Dan [McKenna – Guitar & Vox]: We met at Uni! Well, me and Alex met at Uni and we met on the first day. We both went to Uni in Hastings but I was traveling back to Brighton and I gave Alex [Cheung – Guitar & Vox] a lift.
Alex: It was meant to be! We got in the car and realised we are both into the same kind of music so we were like “lets start a band!” – and we did, obviously, and here we are today. The other members joined a little bit later. We went through a few members as we had some trouble with a few, what with moving in and out of Brighton. Because of it being the first year of university, a lot of people dropped out when they realised it wasn’t for them. We soon found Dan and Joe and have a real unit now, which is cool.

So you mentioned you guys are at uni, do you guys struggle with juggling that and being in a band that play shows around the country?
Dan [Smith – Bass]: Erm, I wouldn’t say so. I mean, Muskets are the priority over uni, definitely. We gig as much as possible and uni work in between but we’ve all passed!
Alex: Dan and Joe [Phillips – Drums] Go to BIMM (Brighton Institute of Modern Music), which I’ll also be starting next year. And because it’s a music uni they are pretty lenient when it comes to going on tour and stuff, and they promote and encourage it.
Dan M: My uni is not like that!
Joe: They’re more like “what the fuck are you doing?!”
Dan M: I study film basically, well, TV/Film and yeah, they’re really strict but, its alright. You get like, a certain amount of days off.
Alex: We’ve only just sorted this tour out so we haven’t encountered that many problems as we haven’t really played that many shows yet.
Joe – I haven’t played any yet!

You guys are part of this new sound that everyone seems to be jumping on board with and supporting, how does it feel to be a part of that?
 Its cool! One of the things we love about playing shows is we just end up chatting to everyone and making so many friends. Everyone is so cool and nice to hang out with.
Dan M: That’s what its about really, isn’t it?! Obviously, its cool playing shows and we love playing shows, but the social aspect of it is great, making a bunch of new friends and watching some awesome bands.

So, if people are checking you out for the first time from this interview, what can they expect from your sound?
 Grunge! [laughs] Nah, I mean, its like 90’s emo mixed with influences from new age bands, like Title Fight & Citizen, but our new record is moving a bit away from that – we’re currently writing that at the minute. We’ll be having a bit of a break after this tour and it’s going to be a bit more Sunny Day Real Estate.
Dan M: Kinda Nada Surf-y too!
Alex: Yeah, Nada surf too.
Dan M: Its one of them things, if you end up doing the same thing over and over again, it just gets a bit boring and no one really gives a shit!
Alex: Yeah! With each record we try to progress, obviously keep the same sound but like, slightly change it with each new record.
Dan M: Just try and keep it all fresh.
Alex: Yeah! I think were all really looking forward to the new stuff anyway.

Cool! So, if people come to your live shows, what can they expect to see?
Dan M: Four guys bouncing around!
Dan S: Yeah! Loud music, lots of movement.
Alex: We try to be as energetic as possible because there is nothing worse then watching a energetic sounding band but no one moves around, that’s something I find super frustrating. We just move around naturally, its not forced.
Dan M: We certainly don’t have choreography!

Please start doing metalcore lunges and Pete Wentz bass spins!
Dan S:
 Every one jump… NOW!
Alex: Crabcore! But yeah, its all pretty natural, the way we move, which you’ll see if you watch us live. We just enjoy playing what we play and think that comes across!
Dan M: We could make our own Thriller!

So, to wrap it up, give some shoutouts to some friends bands and bands people should be listening to!
Dan S: Richa! Water Canvas.
Alex: The New Tusk! Broad Bay.
Alex: The guys in Jaded are really cool.
Dan M: Algernon Doll!
Alex: Definitely listen to Holy Pinto too!

Muskets tour the UK with The New Tusk in July, for dates and more information visit their Facebook page.

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