The Madden Brothers – We Are Done

The wait is finally over, the Madden Brothers are back! Joel and Benji Madden – twins and former members of Good Charlotte – have ditched their pop punk roots and opted for a completely different sound; think 70’s vibes and easy summer listening.

The video for their debut single We Are Done which graced Youtube on June 30th, see’s the heavily tattooed pair in an empty warehouse overlooking a city landscape, headshots of various people with very different looks, and a gospel choir. With lyrics like ‘Done with being a silent many every voice rings out and carries’ it’s clear that the duo are promoting diversity, equality and positivity.

On a first listen it’s easy to feel a little deflated if you were expecting a continuation of their previous sound instead of Joel’s new soft vocals, however you may find yourself hitting that replay button when you realise how irritatingly catchy the anthemic chorus is. Reminisce back to 2008 when Kid Rock released All Summer Long, and you’ll know exactly what The Madden Brothers were aiming for with this new release.

In a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest, Joel stated “It’s the Madden Brothers now, so we just decided to break off and do this new thing. We had to spend almost three years trying to find our sound and get inspired.” By the sounds of things, those three years may have just paid off.

We Are Done is available to buy on iTunes on August 31st.

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