Slaves – My Soul Is Empty And Full Of White Girls

You’ll more than likely recognise the vocals from Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance, Isles And Glaciers, or even his solo projects, but Jonny Craig is back better than ever with his new band, Slaves, and July sees the video release of My Soul Is Empty And Full Of White Girls.

Jonny Craig recently spoke to Alternative Press about the formation of Slaves;

“I wanted to be in a band again. It’s been awhile. I love doing my solo stuff, but I feel like it’s a side thing, and I wanted something to go along with that… We looked around to see who can write for us; I did a solo tour a little bit ago with the band Hearts & Hands, and I met Alex [Lyman – lead guitar] and Chris [Kim – rhythm guitar, percussion]. We pretty much had a bunch of people and got some songs, and it went from there. They decided that their band really weren’t working out as well, so we formed together and decided to start a project. Everything happened really fast. Within two to three months I had 12 songs.”

My Soul Is Empty And Full Of White Girls is from the debut album, Through Art We Are All Equals, available on iTunes now.

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