Interview: COLT 45

Melodic punk trio COLT 45 are set to release their brand new album The Tide Is Turning at the end of the month. Fresh from joining the likes of Aerosmith, Linkin Park and The Offspring at Donington Park for Download, I caught up with drummer Adam Lewis to discuss recording, touring experiences and the band’s first single.

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Most rock or punk bands get labelled as ‘alternative’ these days – how would you describe your sound?

“I guess all three! I find labelling stuff pretty useless – music is good or it’s bad. We’ll let you be the judge of ours! But if you’re in to guitar music with big melodies, loads of hooks and tasty riffs, there’s a good chance you’ll be in to COLT 45.”

What was the recording process like for The Tide Is Turning?

“Really smooth. It was the first time we’d ever had a block of time to go and work on an album project, so in that sense we prepared for it very carefully, and made sure we knew exactly what we wanted in terms of structure and sounds. We’d worked with Romesh a few times, so we already had an understanding, and he really knows how to get the best out of us. We’re delighted with the outcome. In terms of the process, very straightforward. All the drums were tracked first with a click, then bass and lots of guitars layered on top and finally vocals at the end – like a jigsaw!”

What feedback have you had from fans about the first single ‘O.K.’?

“It’s been great. It’s actually a good balance between our older stuff and the newer material on the album – y’know it’s upbeat and punchy, it’s got a punk/pop hook but the lyrics are very positive. Probably a good way to sum up most of the album – we’re still pissed off, but there’s a little more light at the end of the tunnel these days! Radio and video feedback has been great, and we’re grateful to BBC Introducing for giving us our first plays on Radio 1, so yeah, so far, so good!”

Has playing Download and Camden Rocks helped to get your name out there? What was the experience like?

“Camden Rocks is a great festival and we’ve been lucky enough to perform there the last two years. It’s a great opportunity, because every single venue is packed full of music lovers all day long – so it doesn’t matter what time or where you play, you’re more or less guaranteed a decent audience!  Download was unreal – our biggest show to date and we absolutely loved it. Really couldn’t have gone any better, the tent was packed, people were singing along, it was just a great day for our band, and one which we’d like many more of!”

You’ve recently toured with Young Guns, Blitz Kids and Lower Than Atlantis. What was the experience like and which band would you most like to tour with in the future?

“Touring with bigger acts definitely exposes you to a new audience, and for us, that’s meant playing to audiences probably slightly younger than we’re used to, which is cool! It’s been a great chance for us to win over the very people who still buy records and pay for their downloads or buy the merch. Those fans really ‘get’ what we’re doing here – the DIY route (“the hard way”) like all our heroes did before us, so it’s been great to get out with some bigger bands, and we’re three very easy-going lads, so we always get on really well with everyone. It’d be great to do a full tour with Alkaline Trio, just because we’re all such big fans of theirs. Manic Street Preachers for the same reason – that would be a great British rock concert. Also The Computers – because I know we’d be entertained every night, awesome band.”

What can we expect from the band in the upcoming months?

“Lots of touring. We’re all over the place in August and September to promote the new album, which is out on July 28th on Visible Noise. Coming up soon we have Leopallooza Festival in Cornwall, then Kendal Calling and Merthyr Rocks, as well as our own headline tour – keep checking all our socials for the latest venues.”


The Tide Is Turning is out July 28th.

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