Sons. – Squares EP

Indie-funk outfit Sons. have been making quite a name for themselves recently. After playing a string of shows in Bristol, teasing fans mercilessly with music video titbits, and dropping their debut EP, Squares, it looks like they’re just about ready to take on the world.

Sons. were formed in 2012 and brought together four friends; Jordan Tomkins, Alex Brown, Luke Saxton and James Holt. With musical inspirations ranging from Artic Monkeys to Queens of the Stone Age, from Snarky Puppy to Cat Empire, it’s no wonder that they’ve managed to bring together such a wonderful fusion of sound. With rave reviews of their live performances coming in, I took a listen to their debut EP, Squares, to see if it lived up to the hype…


The bass work from Holt on opening track ‘Do You Know Me?’ deserves a pat on the back. This takes Sons. into a strange space that they seem to occupy throughout the EP – sinister, yet extraordinarily catchy, with clearly accomplished musicians at the helm. Personally, this is my stand out track on the EP, reminiscent of something we may have heard in the darker side of the 1990’s. I don’t know much about you, gents, but after this I sure as heck want to.

Track 2, ‘Hit the Bottle’, treats us to some short and sweet sliding guitar work – the introduction doesn’t sound too dissimilar to the soundtrack for Misfits, in my ears – and leaves you wanting to dance around your kitchen like a madwoman.

Then we’re on to ‘Keep on Hiding’, which could have easily been an Artic Monkeys song. Jordan Tomkins’ drawl could have been lifted from Alex Turner’s mouth and the simple (yet effective) storytelling lyrics sets them up for a promising EP. The breakdowns in the song, the wailing guitar (the efforts of Tomkins and Alex Brown) that accompanies the chorus and the solid beats of Luke Saxton’s drumming deserve a particular nod here, as well as what could possibly be my favourite lyric of the year: ‘I thought moving away to a new town would get me away from King Dickhead and his dickhead crown’ – better hope no one gets that tattooed on them in the future, eh boys?

It’s then time for the penultimate riff-tastic ‘Never Know’. You know those songs that just want to make you dance? Despite the lyrics, this is one of those songs. By the time the chorus has kicked in, you’re aware that this song takes no prisoners and it will surely become a summer festival favourite, and just you wait for the guitar solo…

I’m always slightly nervous when bands name a body of work after one particular song. The title track and closing number for this EP is worthy, though. ‘Squares’ sees the vocals take a slight back seat to the instruments, which work to create a grunge feel. ‘Don’t be a square peg in a round hole’ sums up the song nicely, and provides it with the catchy chorus hook that seems to be one of the EP’s strong points.

With the catchiness of Two Door Cinema Club and the coolness of Arctic Monkeys, Sons. are definitely one to watch. If they’re as good live as they are on record, I’d suggest you get yourself down to a show as soon as you can.

Sons. // © Sam Arnold

Sons. // © Sam Arnold

Like the sound of Sons.? You can download their EP on Bandcamp or check them out on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter. However, if you feel like a more immersive experience then you can catch them on Saturday 19th July at Bedford River Festival – maybe we’ll see you there!

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