COLT 45 – The Tide Is Turning

Cumbria-based melodic punks COLT 45 signed to Visible Noise last summer and since then have been touring constantly, including playing support to the likes of Blitz Kids, Lower Than Atlantis, The Computers and Young Guns. setting them up nicely to hit the studio in February 2014 with UK producer Romesh Dodangoda (Kids In Glass Houses, Funeral For A Friend) to track debut album The Tide Is Turning, scheduled for release on 28th July.

The album title hints at the band’s new positive outlook, explains frontman Neil Harper, “The Tide Is Turning is actually a lyric from one of the songs on the album. It just stood out for us as a statement which really sums up how we all feel at the moment. We’re still pissed off, but there’s definitely a lot more light at the end of the tunnel now! We’re more balanced, and the record demonstrates that.”


The Tide Is Turning opens with ‘Salt Water’, a catchy, upbeat track with some anthemic vocals that puts overplayed Sum 41 tracks to shame. Next up comes the first single from the album, a memorable pop punk track titled ‘O.K.’ that combines catchy riffs and drum beats reminiscent of Rise Against.

Fans of The Ataris and You Me At Six will not be disappointed with highlights such as ‘I Thought I Knew Best’, ‘Lessons Must Be Learned’ and ‘I Remember When The Rain Came Down’. Possibly one of the best tracks on the album, ‘595’ blends brilliant pop punk with the alternative sounds and memorable vocals that we’d expect from brit-rock six-piece Deaf Havana.

However, what would a great rock album be without an emotional break between its faster, upbeat favourites? COLT 45’s interpretation takes the form of ‘The Simple Things Are Working’. The track from which the album title was taken, this song is much slower, and much more heartfelt, with La Dispute-esque riffs and great lyrics that you couldn’t help but sing along to at a live show.

The record ends with the dance-worthy ‘Crutches’, a track that sounds remarkably like Kids In Glass Houses collaborating with Sum 41 – an interesting but memorable ending to an incredible album. COLT 45 are definitely going places.

The Tide Is Turning is out July 28th.

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