Luke Pickett @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London


East London seems to be the place to be if you want to check out new musical talent, or perhaps if you’re making your return to the stage after two years – and that’s exactly what Luke Pickett did at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen last night.

A stand out in the supports was from singer/songwriter Amy Milner. Accompanied by just a keyboard, Amy’s vocals completely blew the crowd away. Screams and cheers flooded the intimate venue after every song, and this girl is for sure a shining example of the fresh new musical talent you can expect to find in London. Check out the haunting ‘Have It All’ below.

As it got to 9:30, the room completely filled out out with people, and Luke Pickett was greeted with loud cheers as he opened his hour long set with latest single, ‘Loving You Is Wrong‘. Despite the R’n’B production on his new sound, Luke kept his live show exactly how we love and remember it; stripped back with nothing but his vocals and a guitar. It was a chant from a fan in the crowd of “loving you is right” that left us all laughing in agreement – Luke Pickett was certainly back.

Working his way through the WDEP tracks, a packed out Bar & Kitchen was treated to live renditions of ‘Always On Our Minds’, ‘I Can Make It Anywhere’, and even his recent cover of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’. If there’s one thing to note about Pickett, it’s how he manages to surprise everyone. I personally took along a friend who had never seen him live, which concluded in multiple comments of “I never realised that voice would come out of that man” – and it’s true.

It was when Luke took a trip down memory lane that we really realised how many old, supportive fans were in the room. It’s very easy to fill out small venues with friends and family members, but this was far from the case, as the opening chords to his first ever song Empty Corridors filled the room with many excited cheers. Luke also treated fans to ‘Treat You So Bad’ (below), another instant crowd favourite.

But of course, the reason Luke Pickett is back playing live again is because he has new material to release, and he certainly didn’t disappoint when he played a first exclusive of new track titled ‘Under Your Control’. As expected, another vocally impressive tune that we cannot wait to hear on the debut album.

Finishing up on ‘Wasted Dreams‘, it was clear the crowd wasn’t ready to depart with Pickett yet, where an obviously planned but still great encore concluded the show with another old favourite, Tattoos.

With members of the audience flying a massive 12 hours to London just to come and see Luke Pickett live, it’s safe to say this loyal fanbase of his will help him get to the places he deserves to be.

Nelipott caught up with Luke before the show last night, check back on Sunday (August 3rd) for the full interview.

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