Emma Scott releases new music book ‘If It Was My Band…’

If it Was My Band… is the brand new book from multi award-winning radio presenter, gig promoter and radio plugger, Emma Scott. Released on August 1st, the aim of the book is to help bands and musicians all over the world to break into the industry and further their music career.

emma scott PR

Working on radio shows at stations like Kerrang! Radio, Power FM, Galaxy and Metro FM, Emma has interviewed hundreds of artists of all genres, from Foo Fighters to Five Star, Bloc Party to Bad Boys Inc, Marillion to My Chemical Romance. Over the years, Emma has worked with bands at the beginning of their careers and seen them get signed, get big and, in some cases, get dropped again. Coming into contact with thousands of musicians every year, it became apparent that many of them didn’t know how to talk to industry people and help show their music off in the best light – and ultimately make music their full time job.

Many times, Emma found herself muttering the words, “If it was MY band I wouldn’t act like that…” and started making notes every time she came across clueless or bad behaviour.  Before she knew it, she had another book on her hands. Two years on, the characters from the book (band members, a band manager, music lawyer, fan-girl, DJ and punk rocker) and Emma’s words have finally become one, brought to life by Awkward Illustration’s Sydonia Aitken-Ballard, who Emma approached after seeing Syd’s “Rock Bunny” design.


Emma says: ‘By reading this book, musicians will get to learn from other people’s mistakes and pick up hundreds of tips along the way – I’m really proud of it!”

Revealing the inner-workings of the music industry, If It Was My Band… draws upon Emma’s 25 years in the music industry with hundreds of tips to help you increase your chance of success. Chapters include Starting Out, Getting Gigs, Building a Buzz, How to Manage the Band and Making Music a Full Time Job. There’s a handy glossary of industry terms and helpful contacts as well as a ‘checklist for success’ which any musician can go through and tick boxes off as they achieve each new step. Written through the eyes of a band member, each point made in the book comes from real-life situations.


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