A Mouth Full Of Matches drop ‘Young Blood’ from upcoming EP

After the release of their EP – Tasting Fire in August last year, A Mouth Full Of Matches have returned with their latest single Young Blood and it is bound to gain them a few new fans.  This single will appear on the new EP Smoke Signals which is due to drop on the 8th, just in time for the band as they head out on tour all over the UK.

A Mouth Full Of Matches EP

Listening to Young Blood for the very first time may be confusing for those of you who have never heard of the band before as the track opens with drums and electric guitars, you’re nodding your head in time to the music and then you’re introduced to the vocals of Tom Buxton who’s tone is actually quite soft. The contrast is what keeps you listening as you’re waiting to see how Young Blood is going to progress and it does not disappoint!

The new single from A Mouth Full Of Matches combines all the components of a typical good rock song, guitar riffs,plenty of drum action,a chant section and a slowed down bridge which leads to the end of the track. It makes for easy listening, especially as a possible new fan.

Pre Order Smoke Signals here.


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