Fall Out Boy drop brand new single, ‘Centuries’

Fall Out Boy have just reached the last stop on their ‘Monumentour’ with Paramore, and they are wasting no time. Earlier last week, the band plunged their website into a blackout, leaving entirely nothing on their homepage except for a cryptic video with nothing but the audio of morse code and a message in the website’s tab reading “remember me…”. The morse code, of course, translated to ‘centuries’.

This obviously sent the Fall Out Boy fan base into a frenzy, speculating about what the video could mean; with their previous album, ‘Save Rock and Roll’ totally exhausted (view every video from the album here), it could only mean new material from the Chicago boys.

Tonight, Radio 1 premiered the track on Zane Lowe’s show, paired with an interview from bassist Pete Wentz. ‘Centuries’ mirrors ‘The Pheonix’, the lead single from their previous album, with a catchy chorus with staggeringly impressive lead vocals from Patrick Stump, and classic Fall Out Boy “Oh-oh-oh”s. The track is leaning towards the pop-ier end of the band’s pop-rock genre, but is inarguably in keeping with the Fall Out Boy sound, with strong guitar riffs and drum beats that keep their rock side very much alive.

With the success that ‘Save Rock and Roll’ had – thanks to the honed talent Fall Out Boy seemingly effortlessly produce – combined with the obvious continuation of this talent with ‘Centuries’, we’ve got no doubt that their next album will be anything less than impressive.

Pre-order ‘Centuries’ from iTunes here.

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